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Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Blog Setup

See those links up there, right above this entry? I have set up an RSS feed to my blog on Each of those links is a blog post. Click away!!!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

We're Live!! has been re-born!

We've launched the new site. Go check it out if you have a minute.

The whole idea behind the new site is that it's a social site. A place for triathletes to learn, interact, and share.

Hope you like it!


PS: Training for Ironman Coeur d'Alene is going well. Last week's numbers:
Swim: 8000m
Bike: 158.9 miles
Run: 29.6 miles

A little tired/sore and VERY, VERY hungry. Definitely beginning the harder part of the ironman training cycle.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If You Read Nothing Else, Read This!

We are coming down to the wire with the all new website. We are set to launch this weekend with the newest community triathlon site on the web. If you haven't taken our survey yet, please click here to do so:

We've gotten fantastic response from our triathlete friends! We're asking what everyone would like to see in the shops. Here's a couple things people said:

"Triathlon clothes on sale, discontinued lines for us beginners, bike parts- second hand and discounted."

"plus size clothing, or at least a greater variety of sizes. There IS a market for larger triathletes who aren't a size 2 :)"

The second one is my favorite, and you guys said it more than once. We're listening, and this comment (and the others like it) is going to go straight to Zensah clothing. Oops, I guess I let one of our new lines "out of the bag", so to speak. We are going to be carrying Zensah's line. If you haven't tried them, you should. Well, wait until this weekend and buy them from us! ;) But, check them out here: You can find a couple reviews on our site, and all are positive. Their clothing line is fantastic! Comfortable, fits well, and breathes well.

Anyway, back to the survey. We also asked if there was anything you wanted to tell us - you know, an open-ended invite. Here's a couple samples of what we heard:

"...-i LOVE your word of the week, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Looking forward to the site launching." (note: this entry edited as it mentions another site in a less-than flattering way)"

"Can't wait to see what you will have to offer!!"

and... "I definitely do not want, or need, to join any more groups. Love your site."

Yeah, that last one's probably true for a lot of us. Between running, swimming, biking, lifting, family, work, on and on - it's tough to keep up with everything. The good news is that we thought of this before ever getting the comment!!!!!

One advantage to the new platform is that it can integrate with current blogs, and YOU will have the ability to add race reports, product reviews, or links to other sites. (All links will go through an approval process, so don't get any crazy ideas!) What does this mean to you? It means you won't have to go to 20 sites every day. You can go to one., and launch to the rest of your triathlon surfing from there!!

If you haven't taken our survey, you only have a couple more days. Click here:


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


We are re-launching next week, with a complete makeover, new options, and a community feel. As part of the process, this week's Word of the Week (A regular feature of the site) was replaced with the following special announcement & survey. Please take a minute to read it, and complete the survey so we can create the best site with everything you want!


In lieu of the Word of the Week this week, we are instead sending out a special message. We have been working furiously on finalizing the new website, and it will be unveiled next week!! The new site is more typical of a social networking community site, and here are a few of the new items that will be available to you:

Blogs: You can create a new blog, or use our mirroring option with a current blog!

Gallery: You can have your own picture gallery to share with your friends!

Forums: We will have a full compliment of forums, including classified ads!

Downloads: Have a great pace calculator you want to share? Add it to our download site.

Race Reports & Product Reviews: We have set the new site up to allow your participation. Let your voice be heard!

Store: A more complete store including clothing, nutrition, and other items.

Since this is a community site, we also wanted to give you the opportunity to have a say in things. Please take a couple minutes to complete the survey at the link below. It is only 4 questions and should only take you 2-3 minutes to complete. Here's the link:

Thank you, and here's to a new look and feel for 2008...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Week 4 and 1 Crazy Relay

Ironman Coeur d'Alene Training Totals for Week 4:

Swim: 4500m
Bike: 66.2mi
Run: 27.3mi

If you compare the totals to last week, you'll see that swim and bike went down. That's because of the Ragnar Relay Del Sol race over the weekend. The basic story is that you get 12 people, 2 vans, lots of food, maybe an air freshener, and run a relay race over 24 hours or so. Each person runs 3 times. My legs were 4.5 miles, 6.2 miles, and 6.8 miles, and I ran at about 1:45pm Friday, 12:30am Saturday, and 6:30am Saturday. Our team finished at just after 1pm on Saturday, 24hours and 4or5 minutes total.

What a blast. It doesn't necessarily sound like it would be a lot of fun, but it really is. Lots of laughing, lots of driving, NO Sleeping, and beer at the finish line. What more can you ask for? Well, the beer could have been free, and the horrible, horrible band at the finish could have had a power outage, but other than that it's a great time! :)

So, I missed one swim and one bike ride to complete the race. But, I..was...FAST!!!! Like really, really fast. I went all out. It was great. I follow MarkAllenOnline training, which is fully aerobic in this stage of training, so it was nice to let loose and tear it up. Hopefully it will kick start my fitness a bit as well.

Swim jumps up this week, and I already did my long swim today at 3000m. No looking back now. I am getting very excited for this Ironman.