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Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Flu & More

Wow. This IM training is turning out to be a totally different challenge than the last IM training. Last time I struggled to complete such long workouts in the heat of Arizona in June/July/August as I reached unknown distances. I completed virtually all my workouts, as difficult as it was to do so. This time, the workouts themselves are coming easier. I'm faster, and the lingering effects of soreness/fatigue have been greatly lessened. However, I keep having troubles. I got sick. Then I pulled a hamstring. My warm-up race had the swim canceled. Then, last week, I got REALLY sick. A stomach flu that took me out until Friday.

I guess the challenge should be different in some weird way. With 7 weeks to go until race time, though, I'm ready for some things to start going according to plan. I'm confident I will finish, but I am definitely going to have to start modifying goals if I don't start actually doing some, you know, training!